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Throughout its Bronze Age existence, the document evolved into a political tool.Its final and single attested version, dating to the Middle Bronze Age, aimed to legitimize Isin's claims to hegemony when Isin was vying for dominance with Larsa and other neighboring city-states in southern Mesopotamia.Some Assyriologists view the predynastic kings as a later fictional addition.Only one ruler listed is known to be female: Kug-Bau "the (female) tavern-keeper", who alone accounts for the Third Dynasty of Kish.

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Im a simple person that feels its the right time too have a partner or close friend too be with in life.

The membership of those Latin Kings in Chicago is estimated to be 20,000 to 35,000.

Bloodline faction: The Bloodline Manifesto was founded by Luis Felipe AKA "King Blood" in 1986 in the New York State Collins correctional Facility.

Even his birthday is unknown United States and territories : Illinois, Oklahoma, Florida, New York, Texas, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

Rest of the world : Canada, Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Latin American immigrant communities in Spain.

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