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“Now you’ve got Cara Delevingne, who’s in her second relationship with a woman, saying ‘I like who I like’.

You couldn’t have a more prominent celebrity.”, weave different sexualities into plotlines without making a fuss of them, whilst upcoming films Carol and Freeheld have bagged high-profile actors Cate Blanchett, Ellen Page and Julianne Moore.

“A while ago, a lot of lesbian women wouldn’t date bisexual women.

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“It’s less, am I gay, am I not gay, and more confident that it just doesn’t matter, it’s the person you like.” may have implied Cara was in a “phase”, much of the well-established gay community is also coming round to its newer members.“There’s as much a perception change in the gay community as in the mainstream,” said Miss Exton.

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Last year, Tinder, known for its persistent threesome-seekers, even managed to ban Transgender users by default.

But it’s not just long-established apps that remain behind the times: new, up-and-coming services have resulted in some of the worst experiences.

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