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Cheating is complex because the definition varies so widely.

However, when someone violates a partner’s expectations, the emotional outcome is the same—their partner feels betrayed and rejected.

Troubled East Enders star Leslie Grantham faced further claims of explicit internet sex today, hours after issuing a grovelling apology.

The shamed star, who plays 'Dirty Den' Watts, apologised after being caught taking part in cybersex, saying it was "a moment's stupidity" for which he was "wholeheartedly ashamed".

I always judge things about what is normal in a “committed relationship” by simply asking myself the following — did the guy who’s actions are now an issue do this behavior while they were first trying to become your boyfriend?

Or did this behavior only start after he got you, and you’ve been together awhile?

In a very broad sense, cheating involves betraying a partner’s expectations about the type of contact the cheater has with others.

Something is lacking in your relationship, and he is seeking it elsewhere.If he is told the behavior is hurtful, and stops, then it was perhaps a simple misunderstanding.If he is told it is hurtful- and doesn’t comprehend why, or doesn’t want to stop- then there is a definite potential it will end your relationship.If they always acted this way- it is normal behavior for them, and you accepted it.If this is behavior that came about after you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, it spells trouble.

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