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A 22-year-old was sitting at a bar in Cameroon when he was arrested.The police weren’t looking for him, he had done nothing wrong, they were looking for any gay man they could torture.I even asked a group of four guys if Senegalese men are liars and they said that the ones who don’t lie are the exceptions. Obviously not all Senegalese men lie, but still, so many people repeated this to me, I started to wonder where the belief came from.Angela said that they lie “so deeply” that her husband went “underneath [her] and out and had multiple other wives in secret”. Another divorced woman, Amina,* gave me a detailed rundown: “What we call ‘lie’ maybe is something else. “If you tell your wife, your actual wife, that you are going to take another one, people will think you are mad, you are crazy. ” I asked if the second marriage is legal, and not just a mistress situation. ” Amina replied, “But she cannot do anything about it.One could also wonder if single women are simply taking a cue from the preference of married women, because a study once showed that when deciding if someone is attractive, people take cue from others.

This implies that the era of seeing men as the only gender that readily wants to lure a man out of his relationship is long gone as women now seem to be at the forefront.

relationships, while men place their romantic partners on an equal but distant footing, according to research from Oxford University. Men are more biologically wired as the providers and protectors. Young adult women tend to focus mostly on their need for connection.

The study shows that, generally, women are more invested in their relationships than men and that theiraren’t working too well? Who is it that typically seeks professional help for the relationship? Who is it that mostly spends time reading self-help books and going to seminars about relationships? It’s not that the relationship isn’t important to them; it’s just that they show it in different ways — by working hard, establishing a career, and maintaining an emotional distance. This manifests in having children, creating homes, and nurturing their intimate relationships. They do but most prioritize these connecting activities.

But at the age of 15, when he realized the thoughts he had inside his head were for other men, life became difficult. You will be rejected.’ The feelings grew, and his friendship with a neighbor boy grew into something more.

‘In Cameroon you cannot be found out because otherwise you will be found guilty by mob rule,’ J told GSN, through a translator. They kissed, but he was chased off by the boy’s mother.

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