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A lot of them have good programs and you could take just one of those and work with it and you would get better results than if you'd try to figure out which is the best things here and which is the best thing there.Jackson, what have you got to say about this whole kind of information overload and his approach to learning this stuff?

It's a little bit hard to tell from this email because, you say that you got addicted to learning and seeing the results.

If I’m just going to work, it’ll take me half an hour. I felt good about it because I have not been someone who does a ton of stuff like this. My character was supposed to be a 19-year-old girl. It felt special, because they’re so iconic — especially the lotion or the ‘90s ads. Tavi: I didn’t have anything that I was particularly embarrassed about. You want to make sure people get the right impression of you. There are certain types of writing that I don’t think I’d excel at, either.: What’s your biggest beauty regret or blunder?

I think there’s also so much going on, if you take advantage of living here. I think one of my favorite things about the city is that just walking around feels like you're doing something.: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Tavi: It depends on how often I'm distracted by my phone. I remember that it felt like such a treat going to the department store when I was younger and visiting the Clinique counter. I thought it was cool that on the shoot they asked me about creativity and motivation in addition to questions about my beauty routine.: Speaking of doing your own makeup for "This Is Our Youth," what was that like? Tavi: Jessica is supposed to be a 19-year-old girl, so it’s not like I had to do a great job. The city feels cozy.: Is there anything that you were embarrassed about growing up that you love and embrace now?

[Angel Donovan]: Hey guys, here's another episode of DSR Podcast - Dating, Sex, Relationships. So, you sent us some questions in and we're going to answer them. [Jackson Hunter]: Girlfriend's Training Program I think it is. "I started comparing every pick up artist out there and more guys like Lyons and Hudson. The first thing is you throw in tons and tons of names out there and you're in a very similar predicament to a lot of guys that come across our site in that you are information overloaded and it's really not going to help you and I think you've probably heard this from us before but just to keep it very, very simple, be more different approaches to this that you study, the worse you will get, the more confused you will get, the more you will hesitate because, you'll have five different versions of the appropriate direction to walk, the appropriate things to work on.

It gives you a bit of a variety in the responses and a bit better breadth of information. I went further into Secrets of the Alpha Man by Carlos Xuma and his GTP." I think, that's one of his systems: girlfriend, something, something. "I've read The Game by Neil Strauss and I realized this world was huge." Yeah, no kidding. We'll try to keep this succinct just to get to the big points here.

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